What can I expect after I register with Travail Global?

After registering with Travail Global, a Human Resources Agent will contact you by email or phone for an interview and to find out what job opportunities are available, depending on your job profile, skills, experience and preferences

- Why should I choose Travail Global to find a job?

The process of looking for a job is an impersonal process and requires a lot of time and energy from the job seeker. Travail Global ensures that its candidates are placed in positions that suit their skills, experience and preferences. Travail Global is the job seeker’s partner and offers support services such as resume (CV) review as well as Interview Preparation Workshops. We are interested in the success of each of our permanent, temporary and contract employees.

- Who takes care of the deductions for temporary employees?

Travail Global is the employer and deals with payroll management and deductions.

- As a business owner, how do I know if I need the services of a recruitment firm?

Your time is precious. If you have little time to search for employees, a recruitment agency is for you. Specialized in fast and massive placement, Travail Global takes care of recruiting, selecting and hiring employees according to your specifications. In addition, we offer payroll management services, employee replacement and can cater to urgent staff needs. For more information, contact our Sales Department.

- Must I be available 24/7 to be considered by a staffing or recruitment agency?

No. At Travail Global we have workers available for day, evening and night shifts. We are therefore flexible regarding schedules. It is a question of personal preference.

- What skills are required to work in the industrial sector at Travail Global?

Working in the industrial sector requires varied job skills: CNC machinists, plumbers, welders, electricians, truck drivers, assemblers, packing staff, food production workers, garbage collectors, forklift operators  as well many non-specialized jobs for general laborers.

- I do not own a car. What happens if the job site is outside of Montreal?

Travail Global offers Free Transportation to and from certain job sites outside of Montreal.

- Do I have to accept the job offered by my agent?

- No. Your Travail Global Human Resources Agent will only offer you jobs that match your skills, experience and aspirations. If a job does not suit you, explain it to your agent and we'll find you another job better suited to your tastes and skills.

How do I determine what jobs are available?

All of our open positions are listed on our website.  To view these positions, go to the WORK section of the site and scroll down to SEARCH JOBS




Have you forgotten your username and / or password?

If this happens to you, nothing could be simpler: ask for this information to be sent to you via our site: indicate the email address or the phone number with which you have registered and then confirm. You will receive within a few minutes an email or a text  indicating your username and password to access your account.

How much does it cost to register with Travail Global Placement Agency?

FREE - FREE - Nothing to pay for opening an account on travailglobal.com opening an account is free. www.travailglobal.com