Terms & Conditions, "Hiring Bonus" Promotion

Bonus. You are eligible for a total bonus of five hundred dollars ($&npsb;500) payable under the following terms and conditions:

  • a. To be entitled to the bonus, you must work a minimum of forty (40) hours per week for ten (10) consecutive weeks for Global Work. The right to the bonus is only acquired at the end of the tenth completed work week.
  • b. Each week, you will receive an advance on the bonus payment of fifty dollars ($ 50) per week.
  • c. If you quit your job or stop working for any reason before the end of the bonus qualification period (paragraph a. Above), you will lose the right to the bonus and must repay all bonus advances received since. the start of your employment.
  • d. If Travail Global terminates your employment before the end of your tenth week of work for any reason, you will lose the right to the bonus and will have to repay all the bonus advances received since the beginning of your employment.