Preventive Measures COVID-19

January 11

Please note that our branches are ACCESSIBLE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during curfew hours currently in effect in Quebec.

Please contact your nearest Travail Global branch by email or phone before traveling. Thank you!

We are open

Yes, although our staff is currently reduced, the branches of Travail Global are open once again.

However, we invite any candidate to contact us by phone or email before going to a branch.
Thank you for your patience, and see you soon.

Effective until April 13

March 23

Like all businesses in Quebec, Travail Global must be closed until April 13 in order to respond to the call of the government whose objective is to ensure the future of our entire society.

Travail Global approves the government’s decision, and hopes that every job seeker will maintain their courage for the weeks to come. Hang on!

Thank you very much for your understanding. We will be back at the end of these exceptional measures.

Effective until March 27

March 17

The safety of our candidates is the most important thing for Travail Global. COVID-19 is at the heart of our concerns and we want to make sure that you can communicate with Travail Global with ease, anytime, anywhere.

The Travail Global branches are open, and our staff regularly ensures the increased cleanliness of the premises, in cases you must absolutely visit one of our offices.

However, you are advised not to visit a branch unnecessarily.

In addition, please note that any meeting of candidates must take place by electronic communication, by video call, using your smartphone or tablet.

Feel free to contact us by voice using a normal phone call, or by email. We look forward to serving you.