The Advantages with Travail Global

Emergency placement services 24 hour

We take care of all the details concerning the employment, including the remuneration of the employee.

Payroll service management

Competent employee guaranteed
Reduce your recruitment costs
Reduce the absence rate
Labor guarantee
You have the control


Temporary employment have many benefits for both the company and the employee.

For the company:

  • Can cope with an increase in activity with qualified personnel
  • Increases costs temporarily
  • Can cope with unexpected setbacks or inconvenience in terms of personnel management

For the employee:

  • Allows to stay in touch with business/company
  • Facilitates the meeting many recruiters
  • Allows improvement by temporary acquiring new experience
  • Helps extend the capabilities

Our agency

Well established in QUEBEC since 2005, we have loyal partners and diversified our activities in Montreal, Laval - North Shore - Shore.

Our expertise in temporary and permanent is the result of collaboration with companies of all sizes and in all industries located in Quebec. Travail Global Placement Agency is positioned as an agency general and qualitative.

Our strengths

We reserve a personal interview to each of our individual candidates in order to achieve a perfect match with your needs and expectations.

Our years of experience explain our perfect knowledge of the labor market.