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Many 24h free vehicles available for our employees

Our many vehicles ensure the assiduity and punctuality of our employees day and night.

About Travail Global

Leader in Mass Staffing Recruitment

Founded in 2005 and based in Greater Montreal, Travail Global is a thriving staffing firm with a successful track record of making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Travail Global boasts an award-winning approach to delivering the hiring needs of the local business community as we continuously leverage new and reliable technology to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

Travail Global connects opportunities with people: the right career and training options, as well as continued HR support even after our candidates have found employment.


"What struck me the most about Travail Global recruiting agency was their spirit of hospitality. They were able to zero in on my concerns in less than 30 minutes. At Travail Global, they know that happiness is having a secure, well paid job that corresponds to your ambitions. With Travail Global, I feel gratified."
Patrick MobukuTravail Global employee
"My life before Travail Global was very difficult. I’m thankful for having found them. They wear their hearts on their sleeve. They have given me the opportunity to prove to myself and to society that I have the skills to be employed. My daughter says, "Mom I'm proud of you" and that's the most beautiful message I can get."
Lina LapointeTravail Global employee
"I didn't know where to go to look for work. Without work life has no meaning. I have children to feed, I have school supplies and activities to pay for. No matter what job you're looking for, no matter what your situation, register with Travail Global. It’s the best investment you’ll make."
Guerdy JeanTravail Global employee
"The HR staff at Travail Global take the time to listen to their employees and job seekers alike. Travail Global will get you a job in no time! They gave me every opportunity to succeed in my professional career. I have regained my confidence and self-respect."
Ahmed ManachouTravail Global employee