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We take care of all the paperwork including payroll management and CNESST.


Reduce your recruitment costs and your absentee rate. You are in control.

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Our large employee database means we have the flexibility to find the best candidate for the job.

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We meet the needs of businesses and industries of all sizes in the greater Montreal area.

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Forget about lateness and absenteeism, Travail Global takes care of transporting candidates from their home to their workplace on a daily basis. Start the day off right with Travail Global Recruitment Agency!

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"The HR staff at Travail Global take the time to listen to their employees and job seekers alike. Travail Global will get you a job in no time! They gave me every opportunity to succeed in my professional career. I have regained my confidence and self-respect."
— Ahmed Manachou - Travail Global candidate

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